Dr. Joe & Lady Mae Waller, Senior Pastor

As Our Senior Pastor he holds a great responsibility of teaching the word of God to the people of God. Pastor Waller has a PhD in Christian Education from Bible Believers Christian College & Seminary where he graduated in 2010. Pastor Waller has been a Faithful member of the Shiloh Church for over 60 years and has been the Pastor for 27 years.Under the Pastoral-ship of Dr. Waller the Shiloh Church has taken on new heights with many Accomplishments.
Through his role as a Pastor, Dr. Waller brings an enormous diverse network of community and organizations in South, Central, and East Los Angeles to the Center and Partnership. Dr. Waller serves on the Watts Healthcare Corporation, and is engaged with a network of other pastors/reverends within the California Missionary Baptist State Convention, Pacific District Missionary Baptist Association and the Ministers Conference of Southern California. His experience with engaging members of the community is diverse and impressive, it includes: working with the elderly through the research CMS project, families of all ages through COP (Community Outreach Program), Project COPE, engaging members of the faith community to CDU’s Cancer Journal Club seminar series, engaging Latino/Hispanic congregants into the Latino Community Academic Council as part of the Center’s Community Outreach activity, and work involving prisons and vulnerable populations to name a few.
In addition, his outspoken passion for working towards alleviating cancer health disparities in our SPA6 community is extremely commendable. He has described his experience both in family and among his congregants battling cancer, and demonstrated a highly enlightened and knowledgeable approach towards addressing cancer.